Impact of roller frame welding quality

2023-05-17 15:04

1. In the welding process, the automatic tracking system in the roller frame will directly affect the positioning of the molten pool; in the equipment, the uncoordination of the drives will lead to instability or stoppage of the welding project.

2. Determine the mixing ratio of the shielding gas. In addition to the shielding gas isolation of air, so that the high-temperature welding area from air, but also to a certain extent affect or even determine the morphological characteristics of the arc, process characteristics and the metallurgical properties of the weld.

3. roller frame according to the requirements of the welding design, the requirements of the weld bevel, pressure vessel environment, materials are more stringent, to analyze for the emergence of welding problems, and item by item governance, verification and adjustment.

4. To monitor the system and the 0, 1, 2 axis slide in the three-dimensional electric cross plate at any time, according to the welding situation to adjust the position of the welding gun, so as to ensure the stability of the welding process.

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