What are the changes before and after using the welding positioner

2023-05-17 15:06

Welding positioner is not the direct operating equipment of the welding process, but it plays a vital role for the welding process, and many welding quality has been improved because of it. Like the fan welding is the case, once again the process has solved a lot of problems. With the help of these high quality, not only the welding position is improved, but also the welding seam once the welding pass rate is greatly improved, while also improving the production efficiency of the product, saving production costs. Before the use of welding shift machine, fan welding process is not only easy to produce structural deformation, affecting the overall quality of the product and welding production schedule; and welding position is also very unreasonable, greatly increasing the operational difficulties of staff, thereby increasing the chances of welding defects.

Without the assistance of welding positioner, the fan structure lifting and turning difficulties, can only change the welding position of part of the weld, can not be fully optimized. In order to overcome all these drawbacks, the structure can be reasonably rotated by it during the fan welding, and the welder can obtain a favorable welding position and perspective to realize the welding operation without moving in the original position. It can carry out structural loading within 3.5m on the flange of the welding changer, and the loading is relatively easy and fast. And through the change of radial elevation angle, it is also able to adjust the height of the operating position of the welding operator appropriately to facilitate the welding operation. Welding position changer is mainly able to change the welding position, as long as the workpiece to be welded is fixed on the circumferential rotation flange, through the radial rotation, it can change the welding position of the workpiece from vertical welding to flat welding or from flat welding to vertical welding.

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