What should I pay attention to when I operate the automatic welding machine for its maintenance?

2023-05-17 15:07

Every three months, the automatic welding operator needs to be dusted and cleaned to ensure that all switches such as relays are in normal contact with each other, and also to ensure the neatness of the welding operator. Lubrication of lubrication parts, such as closed transmission, guide rails and rollers, etc. The purpose of lubrication is to ensure that it is more flexible in use; secondly, the guide rails, slide frames and filament bars are cleaned to prevent the accumulation of dust, etc., to avoid the impact of movement, and the position of the filament rack is checked, and once the problem is found, it should be solved and replaced in a timely manner; the easily damaged parts of the automatic welding operator should be replaced every year. Regularly check the joints in the circuit to ensure that it is reliable and solid; never just replace the fuse, if you find the fuse burned phenomenon, to maintain and repair it in a timely manner.

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